Truck Aerodynamics

Truck efficiency due to super practical drag reduction devices on your trailer

About US

The passion for sports cars is the DNA of our company.
We design and produce body parts for trucks.
Therefore, we are proud to announce the launch of aerodynamic devices for semi-trailers.
Our design department thinks outside of the box and transform trucks into sport cars.
Our main objective is to supply exterior car body parts using new production
technologies and offering them at a competitive price.

Performance box for semitrailer

Rear diffuser effect reduces aerodynamic drag and save therefore on fuel. Road test result: 1,5 liter / 100 km tested by our main test partner Rizzotrans

Save tax according to recent national decree

Protect up to two spare wheels improving traffic safety

Multi storage for pallets – Push loading drawer for belts and other equipment

Lightweight design. The tare weight of the box is 140 kg.
This removes 100 kg of obsolete components.

Stainless and impact resistant materials guarantee a long lifetime on road

Exciting design improves the image of your company

Maintenance-friendly construction to ease change spare parts and colors

No costs in final recycling as parts are easily separable and made by recyclable materials

Rear Lights for Trailer

The illumination unit for the truck and trailers is based on LED technology and offers an aerodynamic shape. The light design gives an aggressive look especially in the dark. The cable connection is standard. We use stainless steel.

Angel of Rest

Better than most current solutions.
We reached a comfortable angle of repose, so semitrailers are suitable for every day’s use.

Your advantages

Save fuel

Save tax

Spare wheel protection


Stainless materials

Maintenance friendy

Multi storgage

Sportive Design

Costless recycling



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Cristoph Egarter


Language: Italian, English, German
Tel:+39 340 6266 952